why people are afraid of SEO

6 Reasons why people are afraid of SEO

Have you started a business through the online platform? If so, you may be familiar with Search Engine Optimization, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. However, to grow your business, you must have a solid SEO strategy that ranks your website higher, bringing numerous organic visitors from which you get your potential customers.

Once you build your website, you need to optimize it for the available search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. SEO is the thing that gets the job done for you, but you may be afraid of SEO. If you’re afraid of this thing, don’t panic because you’re not alone. There are many more like you who’ve started online businesses and still are afraid of SEO for the reasons mentioned below. So, let’s see why people are afraid of SEO

These are the facts that make people afraid of SEO

SEO is a new concept

Most people like to use the same old traditional marketing strategies to grow their businesses. However, newspaper and TV ads can generate profit and do the marketing for you.

But SEO is a new thing. It’s a unique strategy that helps you grow gradually but effectively. If you follow the process well, you’ll do better and make a profit. Nowadays, everyone who wants to buy a product searches for information like price, reviews, and specs on the internet. And SEO makes your website visible and more prominent on search engines which directly generates traffic and potential customers.

SEO takes time

SEO is unlike other marketing strategies; people can’t trust it immediately. SEO doesn’t give you success overnight like other marketing strategies. It takes a little time.

Once you apply SEO to your website, it’ll take time to rank it and generate traffic. SEO can take months to give you the success you want. However, if you can follow the proper methods to implement SEO on your website, it may take a little shorter time to provide meaningful results.

Besides, you need to hire experts to do SEO on your website, which costs money. But the cost is much less than other marketing strategies.

However, SEO doesn’t guarantee results overnight, and that’s why people are afraid of it because every one of us wants immediate impact and to make money quickly.

SEO is complex.

Other marketing strategies don’t need as much SEO knowledge compared to SEO. However, to achieve better results, you need to master all SEO techniques.

SEO techniques include knowledge of keyword research, linking your website with other sites, internal linking, content creation, local SEO, on-page optimization, and so on. Unfortunately, these things are not so easy to expertise at all. Additionally, SEO doesn’t guarantee a higher ranking for your website every time. So, that’s a big reason for being afraid of SEO as a newcomer to this sector.

Punishments and Penalties

SEO and penalties are similar to those in digital marketing. There are a lot of chances of potential penalties from Google if you do SEO in the wrong way.

Sometimes we apply some tricks to rank our website higher, but shortly thereafter, we see our website banned by Google for months just because the tricks are not permitted. So, this is a very big issue for those who don’t know the rules set by Google to do SEO on your website. You must be updated with Google’s regular algorithm updates and do SEO accordingly.

Because other marketing methods don’t have this risk, people find SEO a matter of concern.

SEO sometimes brings the wrong kind of traffic

Bringing more organic traffic is one of the goals of SEO. People often apply SEO on their websites for more traffic, but these are not always the target number of people who can be your potential customers. Website owners rarely consider the kind of traffic they want and try to attract all visitors.

So, often it happens that the number of visitors to your website is relatively high. However, you are unable to sell to them, or they are not interested in the products or services you are offering. This is also an issue that people face and turn away from SEO.

SEO requires constant maintenance

Due to the fluid nature of the search landscape, SEO requires regular monitoring and maintenance. It is also important to remember that customer behavior fluctuates from time to time, so strategies that were effective a year ago may not be effective now. This maintenance requires a significant amount of work, but people underestimate the amount. When your SEO foundation is solid, you can easily keep it up-to-date. In order to ensure no gaps exist, you should conduct an audit every year or two. Content is the only thing that needs regular maintenance. The content on your website needs to be updated regularly. It shows Google that you provide up-to-date information to your audience. It is important to maintain your system regularly, but it isn’t very time-consuming or complicated.

Based on hundreds of ranking factors, Google determines the quality of the content on your website because it wants the full satisfaction of its daily visitors. So, you need to improve the overall quality of your website to rank higher.

Wrapping Up

SEO is a process that is not similar to other marketing strategies. Although there are a few reasons that make it complex and scary for newcomers, once you master its techniques and apply them according to Google’s regular algorithm updates, you can achieve long-term success. So, don’t be afraid of SEO. Just learn and implement the process in your online business to get the best results.

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